About me

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog, my name is Jenson Jose. I’m a software developer by profession. This site contains posts on my experiences with some of the technologies I have worked with, both as an end-user and a developer. There may also be some random stuff along the way, when I feel like I need to give my opinion on something.

What do I like?

I enjoy learning more about the modern software-driven innovative technologies and the convenience they bring, powered by creative algorithms. Even more impressive and breathtaking for me is the modern cutting-edge amalgamation of hardware and software intelligence in the cloud. Not only can modern artificial intelligence drive you from your home to the market and back, but also save lives. Advanced robots are now capable of performing complex surgeries, which earlier took hours, in mere minutes. We are fast approaching a nearly completed AI assisted society.

Finance and stock markets is another area of interest for me, and is also another vast field. The whole world pretty much revolves around money, and the markets are where the money is. My daily dose of financial coverage gives a better insight into how various industries are affected by global and local events. Such events may in turn, even affect the economy of a nation on the whole. Relevant information on where the economy and various industry sectors are headed definitely helps in making better investment decisions.

Recently, I started a new hobby building mini-projects on the Arduino board – a highly re-usable electronic circuit board which can be used in a variety of electronics projects. My end goal with this is to build a fully functional drone, just out of curiosity and for pure fun. No idea what I’ll do with it once its completed 😉

What am I good at?

As a professional developer, I have had the opportunity to work on several projects focused around software-based automation and have been pretty successful with them. I have had experience working with and honing my skills on several technologies (professionally and personally), some of which are listed below,

In addition, I have also tinkered with the easy to use Elgg platform to create a simple social network. I also have some experience on CC++ and Assembly. I am really fascinated by game development in general. Its something I would definitely enjoy doing full time. I’ve created some small games in high school and later on, but never a full-scale production game. Guess I’ll go the indie route some time.

In the end, I’d say I’m the type of guy who enjoys learning and doing new things with the things I learn. Simple things like seeing program code work the first time, WITHOUT bugs, are just too good to resist.

Other links

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